Practicing Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

Dr. Ivel De Freitas, MD
Our Founder, Alchemist and
Chief Biohacker

Dr. Ivel De Freitas, MD
Our Founder, Alchemist and
Chief Biohacker


Practicing Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

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Pioneering in Longevity, Biohacking and Personalized Medicine!

Designed to meet your body, mind, and genes-specific needs, all ONOGEN medical programs and treatment plans have been developed by Yale/Harvard trained physician and longevity expert Dr. Ivel De Freitas, MD.

Biohacking Medical Programs.

By combining the latest breakthrough in science and technology, ONOGEN’s medical programs are designed to enhance your health, overall well-being, mental and physical performance and longevity through personalized progressive medically supervised treatment plans.

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​Experience a personalized, avant-garde, proactive approach that optimizes prevention and eradication of chronic diseases.​

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Aging Beyond Well
by Ivel De Freitas, MD

Written by ONOGEN founder, alchemist and Chief Biohacker, Dr. Ivel De Freitas, “Aging Beyond Well” shares novel and doable strategies to help you “biohack” your health and longevity, inspiring you to redefine your own aging process.

“Aging should be a process of accomplishment and celebration, as the person you are becoming can always be better than the person you’ve been.

Don’t fear aging. Fear stagnation, dullness, and spiritual idleness.”

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ONOGEN is biohacking
your personal path to ONENESS!

All our biohacking programs and personalized plans are designed to guide you through your personal upgrading and self-discovery journey to improve not only your health, but your overall life, performance, well-being and longevity!

Pioneering in Longevity and Personalized Medicine!

Dr. Ivel de Freitas, MD

All ONOGEN medical programs and therapies are designed by our founder and Chief Biohacker, Dr. Ivel De Freitas, MD, for your body and mind specific biomolecular needs.

Our sophisticated, intuitive biohacking medical model allows us to design the most advanced personalized biohacking medical plan for you.

Biohacking equals self-love!

Biohackers use technology, science, and the Web to self-enhance their mental and physical performance, health and well-being. At ONOGEN, we embrace biohacking as the purest expression of biological autonomy, self-advocacy, and self-love. Start biohacking today. Choose a program!

Weight Loss & Physique

Immunity Boost

Sexual Wellness

Brain Power

Skin, Hair & Nails

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Superior supplements for superior results!

All our signature formulas are derived from a unique blend of biomolecular super food. Every ingredient is carefully selected and combined by our clinical team to optimize absorption, tolerance and therapeutic effect. Our formulas combined 30+ activated vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to support your body and reset your biology into healing, longevity and regeneration.

Green Powder, Telomere Repair Enhancer

Optimal cellular function, detoxification & regeneration

Happy You, gut-brain-adrenal axis support formula

Hormone, Mood, Stress & Gut Balance

Looking Good, Collagen Peptide formula

Skin, Hair, Nails & Joint Health

Lean and recharge, branched chain aminoacid formula

Energy & Lean Muscle Mass

We are all biohackers, it’s no secret!

Biohacking is not a trend, it is self-care in the web era. By embracing biohacking we are validating your intuitive intelligence and activating you into self-awareness mode.

We invite you to connect with your intuition, tune into your body and embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing biohacking, fostering self-love and enjoying the freedom to choose your own health destiny.

Get your personalized biohacking self-care 2.0 plan today!

Practicing Tomorrow’s Medicine!

All of us are called to realize our highest physical, mental, and spiritual potential while enjoying a long and fulfilling life in great health and happiness! Our sophisticated biohacking boutique brings to you our physician selection of best products in the field of medical biohacking, so you can choose where to start building your own pro-longevity biohacking medical plan and get the professional support you need throughout your journey!

Green Powder, Telomere Repair Enhancer
Advanced Biomolecular &
Genetic Testing
Biohacking Medical
Looking Good, Collagen Peptide formula
Biomolecular IV Therapy
Lean and recharge, branched chain aminoacid formula

Skin Care

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